Here’s a little bit about what we Realtors actually do for our clients


As Realtors, we do a lot more than people often assume. (Note: It’s pronounced “REEL-TOR,” not “REEL-UH-TOR”). It’s not our sole job as buyer’s agents to simply help you search online for a home. If it were, we’d be rendered obsolete by the vast amount of technology and resources available to the average buyer today.

Nor is our job to drive people around and provide access to different properties. If that were the case, we’d basically be Uber drivers. Rather, our real role is to be an education partner; we can break down exactly what we’re seeing day by day in the market and show buyers how certain trends square with their real estate goals.

It’s also to hone in on a buyers’ motivation and find out exactly what they’re looking for a home. Do they need a spacious backyard for the kids to run around and play with the dog? Do they need multiple bedrooms for a home office or custom classroom? Do they put a premium on the ability to relax poolside?

“Knowledge is power; as Realtors, we’re your greatest resource.”

Once we help you identify a property you like, our job is to then coach you on how to protect your deposit and manage the risk involved with making a winning offer. An offer isn’t just an expression of interest—it’s the basis for a legally binding contract. The contract details the financial and time-sensitive responsibilities of each party in the transaction. It’s imperative that buyers and sellers alike understand their obligations up front.

Beyond that, it’s our duty as buyer’s agents to provide additional insight into things that buyer clients may never have known about otherwise. In other words, we contact the seller’s listing agent to learn about their top priorities (which often entail more than just fetching top dollar for their home). We go above and beyond to find out all of the information that’s not on the page, if you will. How many offers are there on this property? Is it priced above, at, or slightly below market? These are all the things you need to know as a buyer.

Our existing knowledge of market systems and ability to uncover new information is what allows us to empower our clients to make good decisions. Some dismiss Realtors as glorified salespeople. In reality, our craft isn’t the art of selling you on why you should work with us; it’s selling the other agents out there on why they should accept your offer above all the rest.

As always, if you have further questions on this or any other real estate topc, please reach out via phone or email. We’d love to hear from you and learn about your specific buying or selling needs.