Here are three tricks to help you sell for more in today’s market.


If you want to sell your house for more money in today’s market, here are the three tricks you must remember:

1. Outreach. You need to have an aggressive outreach program because most agents work in bands, both geographically and in terms of price point. Your goal should be to make every agent with a pre-qualified buyer and every buyer in your price range know about your house. Greater exposure creates more demand. 

“Greater exposure creates more demand.”

Bigger isn’t always better, but when I search for something online, I could use Yahoo or Bing, but most people use Google. That’s exactly why I joined First Team Real Estate; they have more offices, agents, exposure, and opportunities. It’s the same for each property we represent. 

2. Pictures. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s never been truer than it is right now. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, buyers have depended on listing photos more than ever. There are several tips to remember to make your home’s listing photos appeal to more people, including decluttering, removing personal items, and repositioning furniture to make the interior look more spacious. Technology has come a long way to benefit sellers, so there are several ways to retouch your photos, and you can even stage your home virtually. 

3. Pricing. Homes are flying off the shelves due to low interest rates, so it’s important to price your home strategically. If your home is priced strategically in comparison to other homes, it allows you to gain more traction and attract more offers. Buyers are out there looking for homes, and since most homes are selling within a week, they’ll think something is wrong with yours if it stays on the market longer than average. Once your home is hidden from their search, they’ll never look at it again—even if you reduce the price. 

We utilized strategic pricing with two of our recent listings, and one of them sold for $6,000 over asking price, and the other sold for $25,000 over asking price. On top of that, these were cash offers with shortened timelines. 

If you or anyone you know is thinking of upsizing or downsizing, give us a call and we’d be happy to introduce you to our four-phase seller process so you can win in today’s market. If you have any other real estate questions, feel free to reach out to me as well. I’d love to help.